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January 16th, 2011

04:20 pm - I'm Britta, I guess.
 So in terms of news this... isn't. But I was up really late last night faffing about as usual, because I consistently choose the internet over sleep. But I was inspired by engelen to take this 'which community character are you' quiz. I don't know what I was expecting. I guess I was hoping I'd be Annie. I mean, I'm not exactly quiet about her being my favourite character.

Don't get me wrong, I see how flawed she is. She's neurotic, obsessive, childish, naive and cares way too much about what people think of her. But she's also really smart, compassionate, witty, sweet and willing to be a little goofy.

So I took the quiz. 

BRITTA. Brittles. Brittita. BROOOOOOOBA. 

I've realized for a long time that I am a lot like Britta. I'm an environmentalist  vegetarian hippie, and I suppose quite feminist. But under the surface... we're even more similar. She's narcissistic, self-centered, deeply insecure about her intelligence and value as a person. She's a screw-up who's so afraid of failure that she'll sabotage herself rather than try and end up disappointing everyone. And herself. In summary: she's crazy. 

I mean, it's not all gloomy. I think we sort of have the same sense of humour. Which is obviously shining through right now... 

But in terms of similarities, I think our biggest one is that... neither  one of us wants to be like Britta. 


In the words of William Shakespeare, this totally sucks. 

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April 25th, 2009

01:41 am - Pseudonyms(
What are your pseudonyms y'all?

My favorite pseudonyms are as follows:

1. Tallulah Bell.
2. Winona Fox.
3. Roxanne Ray.
4. Mona May.

(yay alliteration!)

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March 28th, 2009

08:34 pm - Favourite Flowers and birhday crap
I'm really only putting this list up here as a reminder to myself and my best friend for my upcoming birthday party. I know it's pretty silly that I can't remember these since there are only four but what are you gonna do?

So in no particular order:





Any other flower ideas?

Oh, and any ideas as to where I could find a Cinderella floaty prom type dress? My birthday party is going to be diney princess themed!

And yes, I am turning 5 years old.

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December 5th, 2008

04:14 am - Pregnant Pause.
Jenny/Nate one-shot.
AU- but based on possible spoilers.
Jenny, Eric and a pregnancy test. 

WARNING: 1 use of strong language.

I came up with this while trying -and failing- to finish my actual fic. I will eventually! Pinky swear.

Pregnant Pause.Collapse )

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